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Cuvée & Co. Featured in Huffpost Article

Cuvée & Co. Featured in Huffpost Article

The Best Virtual Wine Tastings To Join During Coronavirus Lockdown

Nancy Koziol

Just a few weeks ago, most people would have laughed at the idea of virtual booze tastings, conducted over platforms like Zoom. Now, because of the coronavirus lockdown, at any hour of the day, you’ll find screens full of squares of people from all walks of life holding glasses of different shapes and sizes swirling, sniffing, sipping and connecting virtually over a taste.

“Our industry relies on meetings and events: walk-around tastings, dinners, desk sides, press trips,” wine and spirits publicist and founder of Cuvée & Co, Dana Bruneau said. “It involves a lot of sipping, spitting, handshakes and hugs. The concept of virtual tastings was challenging pre-pandemic. Frankly, no one was that interested.”

Bruneau is right: tastings have always been intimate gatherings over bars and around tables, not over the web. But the perfect storm appears to be a global pandemic and rise of Instagram personalities. They’ve made sure we can still enjoy alcohol together.

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